khawaja Abu Al-khair

Whose life is an open book, whose talk is sober containing fine humour, sweetness in the words, halt as per dew of the morning, who is eloquent speaker in Persian, Pashto, Urdu, who is thoughtful, brilliant, intellectual, literary, eager for implementation, candid and enthusiastic. When we gather all these qualities, one personality comes in front of us. Whose name is Muhammad Abdullah, distinguished mark ...Read More

Darbar Shareef

Darbar Sahreef. Darbar-e-Aalia Murshidabad Shareef,. Kohat Road, Peshawar City. Pakistan.....Read More

Khawaja Abu AL-Jamal

Apparently the word stone falls within the purview of all kind of stones. But some stones are being connected with pearls. Few stones are used for beautifying the houses while few stones are used to adorn the crowns of the Kings. Similarly amongst them are men who are created with best stature and are blessed with supreme triumph and the crown of righteousness is bestowed on their heads. ......... Read More

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