Khawaja Abu Al-Jamal

Biography :

Apparently the word stone falls within the purview of all kind of stones. But some stones are being connected with pearls. Few stones are used for beautifying the houses while few stones are used to adorn the crowns of the Kings. Similarly amongst them are men who are created with best stature and are blessed with supreme triumph and the crown of righteousness is bestowed on their heads. From these pearls is one Hadrat Khawaja Abul Jamal Peer Muhammad Badar Alam Jan Badar known as Mian Gul Sahib who is complete composition of best stature and Almighty Allah has graced him with worldly and heavenly blessings.

Almighty Allah provided Mian Gul Sahib to the great Saint and Spiritual Leader, Hazrat Khawaja Abul Khair Peer Muhammad Abdullah Jan Sahib on 21-07-1973 in Peshawar.At the time of his birth his grandfather Qibla Baba Jee who was also a great Saint took up him in his embracement and awarded him the Title of Majzoob Salik. His father Hazrat Khawaja Abul Khair paid special attention to Hazrat Khawaja Abul Jamal in his training, education, evolution and growth. Hazrat Khawaja Abul Jamal was possessing great qualities of steadfastness, brotherhood fraternity, love, kindness, patience, generosity, honesty and sincerity from the childhood. Due to special attention of Hazrat Khawaja Abu AL- Khair and as a result of his own wisdom, he always passed his School, College and University examinations in flying clours.

He secured religious education from various renowned institutions. He done his Graduation and passed his BA (Hons) examination in Islamic Shariah Law from International Islamic University. As a result of special attention of Hazrat Khawaja Abu AL-Khair and purely religious atmosphere of his home, he has passed virtuous life proving himself young pious as per characteristics of Apostles. When Hazrat Khawaja Abu AL-Khair saw him that he is overwhelmingly devoted in remembering Almighty Allah and dedicated in the love of Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him), he took with him to perform Umrah. Hazrat Khawaja Abu AL-Khair awarded him “IJAZAT AND KHILAFAT” of all SALASEL in Riaz-ul-Janat of Masjid Nabvi Pak adjacent to Roza-e-Rasool (Peace be upon him). Great Ulama and Saints of Syria and Iraq have also awarded him special IJAZAT. Again Hazrat Khawaja Abu AL-Khair bestowed upon him IJAZAT AND KHILAFAT in all SALASEL at the grave of Hazrat Khawaja Bahauddin Naqshband in Bukhara, Uzbekistan on 18th February, 2006. He has performed Haj Mubarik and several Umras. By the grace of God he is now rendering valuable services for the revival of Islam and particularly for the evolution of spiritualism in Pakistan and in foreign countries of the World.

He is endeavouring utmost to mend and purify the astray people and connect the humankind with Almighty Allah and his beloved Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him). Hazrat Khawaja Abu AL-Jamal has made hectic and rapid spiritual and religious tours from Mohalla to Mohalla and City to city within the country as well as abroad and he has placed several astray people on the straight path. Several young, elders and people from all walk of life have mended themselves. He along with his beloved father Hazrat Khawaja Abu AL-Khair have paid rapid visits to India, Iran, Iraq Syria, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emeritus, Turkey, Korea, Singapore, England, USA, Canada, West Indies, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Australia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan etc. At present he is administering and managing all the affairs of Khanqah and Jamia Abul Khair Foundation efficiently. He is graced with beauty and morality by Almighty Allah. He has inherited from his forefathers in paying mercy to minors and due respect and regard to elders. He is vehemently engaged in Zikr O’ Fikar day and night. He is delivering very attractive and impressive advice’s and speeches. His accompany is felt as the accompany of great Saints. Making polite discussion, doing hectic efforts and achieving hot results is his hobby. Almighty Allah has graced him abundantly with internal and external beauty. Thus Almighty Allah has blessed Darbar-e-Alia Murshadabad Shareef in the shape of Hazrat Khawaja Abul Jamal Peer Muhammad Badar Alam Jan Badar known as Hazrat Mian Gul Sahib.