Khawaja Abu AL-Khair

Biography :

Whose life is an open book, whose talk is sober containing fine humour, sweetness in the words, halt as per dew of the morning who is eloquent speaker in Persian, Pashto, Urdu, who is thoughtful, brilliant, intellectual, literary, eager for implementation, candid and enthusiastic. When we gather all these qualities, one personality comes in front of us. Whose name is Muhammad Abdullah, distinguished mark is Abul Khair title Mohyuddin and he is adding, Jan in relation to his father. As such he is famous and well known to the general and particular public in the name of Hazrat Khawaja Abul Khair Muhammad Abdullah Jan Sahib

Awards :

Where Almighty Allah has blessed Hadrat Khawaja Abul Khair Sahib with perpetual worldly and heavenly bounties, there Almighty Allah has also bestowed pious and virtuous children. The name of his elder son is “Muhammad Fakhar Alam Jan Fakhar” who is making all arrangements for celebration of annual commemoration, arranging other spiritual and religious gatherings and looking after all other affairs in Peshawar.

His other son namely “Muhammad Badar Alam Jan Badar” known as “Hadrat Khawaja Mian Gul Sahib” is exactly same and identical reflection of the entire religious education and spiritual bounties of Hadrat Khawaja Abul Khair Sahib. He possesses complete command on the modern and old education. Keeps eyes in tears in the love of Holy Prophet (Everlasting peace and blessings be upon Him). He proceeded to perform Umrah alongwith his father and performed Iatkaf (seclusion) in the month of Ramzan-ul-Mubarik in Masjid Nabvi Pak. During that time when Hazrat Khawaja Abu AL- Khair Sahib saw him that he is overwhelmingly devoted in remembering Almighty Allah and is deeply dedicated in the love of Holy Prophet (Everlasting peace and blessings be upon Him) and has completed the process of spiritual path, he awarded him “Ijazat and Khilafat” of all Salasel (of all the Spiritual Orders) in Riaz-ul-Janat of Masjid Nabvi Pak adjacent to Roza-e-Rasool (Everlasting peace and blessings be upon Him). Similarly again Hadrat Khawaja Abul Khair Sahib bestowed upon him Ijazat and Khilafat in all Salasel (in all Spiritual Orders) on 18th February, 2006 at the Shrine of Hadrat Khawaja Bahauddin Naqshband in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. By the grace of God, Hadrat Khawaja Mian Gul Sahib is rendering valuable services day and night for the growth, development and publications of religious education as well as Spiritual Order. Thousands youths have entered in the spiritual order at the hands of Hadrat Khawaja Mian Gul Sahib and mended themselves. He is undertaking rapid and hectic long spiritual and religion tours within the country and abroad to place the astray people on straight path and connect the humankind with Almighty Allah and his beloved Holy Prophet (Everlasting peace and blessing be upon Him). Several Khulfa of Hadrat Khawaja Abul Khair Sahib are also rendering their valuable services for the Holy Religion of Islam and also holding Spiritual Mahafil Zikr Pak daily in the morning and evening.

 Personal Information :

It is the feature of Almighty Allah to create Godly men in this materialistic world from time to time for the revival and growth of the religion of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (Everlasting peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him). Truly, it was the grace of Almighty Allah that Hazrat Khawaja Abul Khair Muhammad Abdullah Jan Sahib was born probably on Thursday 15th of  Zul Haj 1356 A.H. / 17th February, 1938 A.D. in Mohalla Bhana Mari Peshawar City, Pakistan in the religious family of Hazrat Haji Muhammad Jan Sahib known as Baba Jee who was a great pious Sufi and blessed pledgee. The birth of Hazrat Khawaja Abul Khair is purely meant for boosting spiritual affection, promoting religion and waking up slept, lazy and negligent persons to gain the pleasure of Almighty Allah. Saintly qualities were obvious on the forehead of Hazrat Khawaja Abul Khair Sahib from his very childhood. When matured, his father entrusted him to the famous religious teachers who imparted him in-depth religious education. Simultaneously he secured English education from Edward High School Peshawar in flying colours. After completion of heavenly and worldly education, his father got him pledged in the hands of Hazrat Zareen Zar Bakhat Khawaja Nawabuddin “Mohri” Shareef. Hazrat Khawaja Nawabuddin was a renowned Khalifa of Hazrat Khawaja Hafiz Abdul Karim, Eid Gah Shareef Rawalpindi On reaching in the Nawabi Monastery, the blessed eyes of his Spiritual Guide made him so vigorous that he lost conscious of his ownself and wealth (health and wealth). When his Spiritual Guide saw that his pious disciple is vehemently completing the process of spiritual path with his keen eagerness and enthusiasm, he awarded him the title of Sufi.

On completing the process of spiritual path, the word “Muhammad” was further added with his name as a blessing. And, his Spiritual Guide awarded him Khilafat  Rajab, on sunday Ist Rajab 1373 A.H. / the 7th March 1954 A.D. on the occasion of annual commemoration in the presence of renowned Ulma and Mashaikh. This Spiritual Order now starting from Darbar-e-Aalia Murshidabad Shareef, Peshawar goes through Mohri Shareef, District Gujrat to Hadrat Khawaja Hafiz Abdul Karim (1264 A.H. to 1355 A.H.), Eid Gah Shareef, Rawalpindi than to Hadrat Khawaja Faqeer Muhammad Chorahi (1213 A.H. to 1315 A.H.) and thus step by step reaches upto Holy Prophet Hadrat Muhammad (Everlasting peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him).